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on Wednesday, 29 June 2011
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Pregnant! Diary Of A Cranky Pregnant Woman!



Yes the title of the blog is negative, but it actually better than my first draft "Diary Of An Angry Pregnant Woman!".   So let's start with the great news.  I am pregnant!  After years of trying to have a second child, my husband and I are beyond excited to be having another baby.  It has been a long road.  It comes after lots of failed attempts, prayers, unsuccessful fertility treatments and one miscarriage that I am confident has left some permanent emotional scars.  Ahh…the joys of children.  That will be the end of the heavy heart routine.  Know that I am excited about this pregnancy.  Having said that, the 1st trimester has taught me that you have to have some levity through this process.  My answer to is start a blog series that follows the trial and tribulations of pregnancy.


Don't expect a flowery versions of events.  I tend to be brutally honest and pregnancy can be a raw topic.  You see...it has been 6 long years since I felt the nausea and morning sickness of pregnancy.  Six long years since I had to accept the fact that my body would be permanently changing for an extended period of time.  Six long years since I had to wave off the perfect margarita on Cinco De Mayo.  While many women immediately embrace pregnancy and the good and bad that go with it, that is not me! While I am joyous to be having a child, I tend to get frustrated with the battle a woman's body must go through to get to the perfect little bundle of joy.  Let's face it, pregnancy is hard!

And so here is where my diary begins.  I plan on sharing my ups and downs.  My fabulous maternity finds and my moments of happiness and frustrations.  I also will share the things that brought me relief from morning sickness.  And let's not forget the nursery!  Get ready…I am due December 10th so have I have lots of months to share my experiences.  And don't forget, we are in this together.  I encourage readers to post comments on my blogs.  Everyone has their own valuable advice on the journey of pregnancy.  I hope you enjoy my blog series "Diary of a Cranky Pregnant Woman".  Stay tuned!



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